Coaching Training

Our International Coaching Certification training has a European Quality Award (EQA) at the foundation Level from the EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council).

International Coaching Certification Training

EMCC European Quality AwardWe offer trainings with an international certificate from the International Coaching community.  This training has an European Quality Award.
Through this training you will develop core Coaching competencies, empowering your current profession with new skills and competencies or building a new career as a professional Coach.


Team Coaching

This training is one of the few that specialize in Team Coaching in Business. Team Coaching is one of the fastest growing markets in business. Organizations are hiring coaches to work with their teams, and team coaching is not the same as individual coaching.

This course will give you invaluable and supervised experience in team coaching, and make you an effective accredited Team business coach, able to help teams perform at their best.


Business Coaching

Business Coaching certification program is a specialization training for Coaches to work in Business contexts with individuals.

Generic coach trainings will not prepare you for the rigors of business coaching. You need new and different skills to coach managers.
Managers need the best coaching skills to get the best from their people.



Coaching for Leaders

This course will develop you as a coach into one of the elite leader coaches. A majority of business coaching is targeted to leaders – executives and top managers. They need to be leaders and coaching is one of the most powerful personalised ways to help them.

More and more businesses are investing in coaching to develop the leadership skills of their top managers. Coaching leaders is a leap beyond the normal skills of coaching.
Leaders need coaches who are themselves leaders. Ordinary coaching skills are not enough.


Life Coaching

This unique course is to train coaches to help people balance their life. Many executive coaches need these skills, because many executives do not have a balanced life.

This course is designed to integrate with executive coaching skills to help executives balance their life.

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