Systemic Audit

How well is your business working?

A systemic audit is an analysis of your business systems to find leverage points for change – places where you get the most sustainable change for the least effort.Without a systemic audit, you risk short-term fixes while the business performance steadily drops.

Does your business have any of the following symptoms?

–         Procedures that everyone complains about, but no one changes?

–         Two separate systems – the way things should be done and the way things are actually done?

–         A problem that you keep fixing and it keeps coming back

–         Communication problems between departments and/or key people?

–         Large fluctuations in profitability from year to year?

–         Manager’s time spent on many urgent but not important issues?

A systemic audit is a photograph of a business showing exactly how the systems are being produced and exactly what to do about them.

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