Executive, Corporate and Team Coaching services

We offer a full range of executive and business coaching, creating sustainable growth and conscious business. We work for multilevel results and measurable effects.

We are the creators of the methodology that has trained over 15,000 coaches from 78 different countries and we have personally trained over 1,000 coaches in the last ten years.

Tactical Coaching

We do Performance Coaching – helping people do their work better, helping them reach their highest performance.

Strategic and Generative Coaching

We do Developmental Coaching – helping people make generative leaps in their personal and professional development

Few coaches make the distinction, we do, and we focus on both.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Authentic Leadership

We work with leaders one to one to develop their authentic leadership and conquer the new range of business problems.

We coach executives who want to be authentic leaders in their field and who want the highest quality in every part of their life.

You need to be the best you can be, you need an unfair advantage. You need an edge. You need a great Coach!

Corporate Coaching

Corporate Coaching

Measurable results

We work with managers at every level of the organization to improve performance, and develop the skills needed in the new financial climate.

We also train managers in the coaching approach so they can get the most from the people they manage and from themselves.

This helps establish a coaching culture.

Team Coaching

Team Coaching

Creating synergie

This service is for teams who work together on important business goals.

For teams who want to be more effective, more creative, co-ordinate better and sustain their strategy towards their business goals.

We design the coaching with a needs analysis; we agree measures for success and follow up the coaching to ensure it is successful.

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