Life Coaching Certification Training

This unique course is to train coaches to help people balance their life. Many executive coaches need these skills, because many executives do not have a balanced life.

This course is designed to integrate with executive coaching skills to help executives balance their life.

Businesses lose millions of Euros, Pounds and Dollars every year through employees being stressed, not coming to work, or making bad decisions when they are there.

The less stress the more happiness.

This course will give you tools to coach people under stress so they are happier and freer.


The main topics you will learn:

  • Your life Journey.
  • Finding your ideal life balance.
  • Self observation as a powerful tool for change.
  • Getting away from being a victim to being an agent who makes a difference by their actions.
  • Dealing with stress.
  • Dealing with the judgments and pressures of ‘should’ that cause stress.
  • Deep work on values and living by your values.
  • Self attribution theory.
  • The three ways of thinking that cause stress and how to change them.
  • Positive Psychology and happiness.
  • The flow state and how to achieve it.
  • How to balance attachment and involvement.
  • The Flow state.


1. Planning and preparation (15 hours of work)
  • Planning your work and goals for the course.
  • Writing a review of one book from a given reading list.
  • Going through self-assesment questionnaires to plan your training.


2. Life Coaching Training (36 hours of work)

The Life coaching training is a six day training and is the heart of the course Topics mentioned aboive will be covered during the training.

Each day there will be a short exercise as homework to reflect on the day.

The trainer will be evaluating throughout the training and is available to give you feedback during the training if you wish.

Your coaching skills as observed by the trainer are the most important part of the evaluation.

You will get plenty of opportunities to practice your team coaching skills.

All participants will receive a certificate of attendance.


3. Certification Assigments (35 hours of work)

There will be a number of tasks you need to undertake after the training.

  • An integration questionnaire about the training to complete.
  • A written test.
  • A research project.
  • A self coaching project.
  • 20 hours of coaching skills practice.


What are the Benefits of this course?
  • Greater knoeledge and confidence in using life coaching tools.
  • More credibility in the executive market.
  • The ability to help clients balance their lives.
  • The ability to help clients be happier and less stressed.
  • The course forms part of a comprehensive Coaching education. This is a full life coaching education, not only a training.
  • The manual has been written by Joseph O’Connor and Andrea Lages, bestselling authors of ‘Coaching with NLP’ and ‘How Coaching Works’.
  • This is an international Certification training, accredited by the ICC. Participants will get an International certificate on completion of the full course.