Business Coaching Certification Training

Business Coaching certification program is a specialization training for Coaches to work in Business contexts with individuals.

This is an advanced training open to all ICC certified coaches and to all coaches who have done appropriate initial training.

This training requires 154 hours of study and it’s divided in three phases, including Planning and Preparation, Business Coaching Training and Certification activities.


Main topics to be covered in the course:
  • Clarifying your goals and values
  • The wheel of business coaching-finding leverage points
  • Systems thinking in business
  • Moving from management by expectation to management by agreement
  • Confidentialy and ethics in Business coaching
  • The four quadrants of business and how to use them in coaching
  • Generating responsability, accountability and commitment
  • Advanced questions skills
  • The five main problems of business coaching and how to overcome them
  • The importance of perspectives how to take them and use  them
  • Perspectives as an analytical tool
  • Constructing a powerful personal Development Plan
  • Tools for action planning
  • The transition model for Career development
  • Measuring the results of coaching including ROI
  • Creating a coaching culture
  • Introduction to mentoring


1. Planning and preparation (30 hours of work)

a) Planning your work and goals for the course.
b) Writing a review of two books from a given reading list.
c) Going through self-assesment questionnaires to plan your training.


2. Business Coaching Training (54 hours of work)

The Business coaching training is a six day training and is the heart of the course.
Topics mentioned above will be covered during the training and you will also get plenty of opportunities to practice your coaching skills.
Each day there will be a short exercise as homework to reflect on the day.
The trainer will be evaluating throughout the training and is available to give you feedback during the training if you wish.
Your coaching skills as observed by the trainer are the most important part of the evaluation. If these are below the required standard, the trainer will give you feedback on this, as well as tasks to help you bring those skills to the required standard.

All participants will receive a certificate of attendance.


3. Certification assignments (70 hours of work)

Those participants who wish to be certified as ICC Business coach will need to complete the following projects after the training.

  • An integration questionnaire about the training to complete.
  • A written test.
  • A research project.
  • A self coaching project.
  • 30 hours of coaching skills practice (with at least three clients)

All of these tasks can be done through the ICC campus web site

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