About Us

Lambent is an old English word meaning ‘shining with a soft light, bright, witty, intellectually stimulating.’
Lambent was founded by Joseph O’Connor and Andrea Lages in São Paulo, Brazil in 2002 to offer coaching and business skills training to international standards. We are committed to developing business people to their highest level – which even they do not think is possible!

Lambent is now one of the  leading international coaching and training companies with a worldwide coaching network.

Lambent is a licensed provider of Paul Ekman trainings in the UK, Spain and Portugal.

Lambent has an European quality award for its coaching training and this training is used by the International coaching community, training  over 15,000 coaches from 78 countries.
Lambent provides coaches for every level in business for international companies.

Joseph O’Connor

Joseph O'ConnorJoseph O’Connor is one of the best known and respected  coaches and trainer of coaching in the world. He has taught in North and South America, Hong Kong and Singapore, (where he was awarded the medal of the National Community Leadership Institute), New Zealand and most European Countries.
Joseph has worked with many companies as a trainer and consultant, including Citibank, BA, HP Invent, and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in Vienna, Petrobras, BT, Interbrew , the Panama Canal Authority and Bax Global.
He is co founder with Andrea Lages of the International Coaching Community.
He is the author of seventeen books translated into thirty languages, selling over half a million books worldwide. He is co author with Andrea Lages of ‘Coaching with NLP’, and ‘How Coaching Works’.



Andrea Lages

Andrea LagesAndrea Lages is an executive coach, author, consultant, and internationally respected coaching trainer.
She has trained coaches from more than 30 countries; she participated  as a trainer and co-creator in a Post Graduate course in Executive Coaching for Derby University in England for Company Presidents and CEOs.
She is co-founder of the International Coaching Community – ICC (2001) and an ICC Master Trainer, co-founder and CEO of Lambent do Brasil.
Andrea designs and runs management development, training, coaching, customer service training, team building, applying Coaching and Systemic Thinking in practical ways within organizations.
Andrea is co-author of ‘Coaching with NLP – How to become a Master Coach’ and
‘How Coaching Work’s’ published in the UK by AC Black. This book was recommended for the Financial Times “Best Business Book of 2007” Award.



Alejandro Feiges

Alejandro FeigesAlejandro is managing director of Administration and Technology for the Master Coach Academy.
He has worked for more than ten years in Software development and became a specialist on Distance Learning education, Instructional design and Project management.
He is also an International Certified Coach of the International Coaching Community (2006), Professional Ontological Coach and Master Practitioner of NLP.
He is the Community Manager for the International Coaching Community  and responsible for all Distance Learning education programs in the ICC.

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