Coaching for Leaders

This is an advanced training open to ICC certified coaches who have already done appropriate initial training. If you have not taken the level one ICC certification and the level two business or team courses, please check with the trainer on enrollment.

This course will develop you as a coach into one of the elite leader coaches.

A majority of business coaching is targeted to leaders – executives and top managers. They need to be leaders and coaching is one of the most powerful personalised ways to help them.

Executive coaching is a billion dollar business in 2010
More and more businesses are investing in coaching to develop the leadership skills of their top managers.

Coaching leaders is a leap beyond the normal skills of coaching.
Leaders need coaches who are themselves leaders. Ordinary coaching skills are not enough. You want to be extraordinary. You want to be the very best you can be.
This course will put you into that elite category.


This course is for:
  • Managers
  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • and Coach Trainers who want to take the extra step.

The course has 150 hours of work including six days of training


The course is divided into three phases:

1. Before the course (26 hours of work)
  • Planning your work and goals for the course
  • Writing a review of two nooks from a given reading list
  • Completing the pre course questionnaires

You can complete this work on line through the International Coaching Community training Campus


2. The training (54 hours)

Some of the topics you will learn during the course:

  • The phases of leadership coaching and how to conduct them
  • The particular challenges of leader coaching and how to overcome them
  • Using systemic thinking and leverage.
  • Clarifying purpose and accountability
  • Advanced questioning skills specifically for executives.
  • Generating systemic perspectives
  • Executive accountability
  • Using a Personal Development Plan (PDP) for executives
  • Giving feedback to executives
  • Measuring results for executive coaching
  • The practicalities of coaching leaders – how to arrange your coaching practice.
  • Coaching to deal with business politics
  • Action learning
  • Mentoring

All participants will receive a certificate of attendance.

Those participants who wish to have the ICC certificate of Coaching for Leaders will need to complete the following projects after the training.


3. After the Training (70 hours)

There will be a number of tasks you need to undertake after the training to become an ICC Executive Coach

  • An integration questionnaire about the training to complete.
  • A written test.
  • A research project.
  • A self coaching project.
  • 30 hours of coaching skills practice(With at least three clients)


Extra benefits

Participants will also work in teams to prepare a presentation on leadership coaching in the training.
Peer coaching every day.

Knowledge and skills in mentoring to integrate into you work as a coach.
Systemic thinking skills and knowledge to apply in your coaching for leaders.


What makes this course unique?
  • An international certification in coaching for leaders.
  • A necessary part of the elite ICC Executive coach certificate.
  • ICC internationally recognized quality training.
  • Internationally recognized trainers who are experienced executive coaches
  • A comprehensive manual for reference

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