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Paul Ekman’s research on human emotion, and lie detection has spanned forty years. His work is crucial for understanding universal human emotions and emotional expression, micro expressions, lie detection and work on body language.

This science was also used in the FOX TV drama ‘Lie to Me’ starring Tim Roth where Dr Ekman served as Scientific Adviser.

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He has also done pioneering work on emotions and managing emotions, and his work with the Dalai Lama on mindfulness is a unique combination of Western scientific research with Eastern subjective explorations.

Key training programs

You will practice your skills in a safe environment with a Paul Ekman International approved Trainer.

Truth and Lies – The Science
This is a one day introduction to the International Certificate in Truthfulness and Credibility.
It is a highly interactive, effective workshop with realistic scenarios for the delegates to test their skills using an adaptation of the original Paul Ekman truth/lie research studies. The programme will help you interpret what you hear and what you see.


Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility
This four day program trains you in the skills you need to tell truth from lies, using the forty years research in the area by Paul Ekman. It is a practical and interactive training, covering the skills of evaluating the words, body language and micro expressions, as well as the overall model of truthfulness and deception.

Emotional Skills and Competency
This three day program gives you the tools and models to recognise and manage emotions in yourself and others. It sharpens your acuity and mindfulness to recognise emotions. It is a practical and interactive program for all who want to recognise and manage emotions in others and manage their own emotional life more successfully.


Successful students are awarded  with an international certificate.

In company training

We can deliver this programs in company with a Paul Ekman approved Trainer.

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