Emotional Skills and Competencies

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Three day international certification program

This program will help you recognise and manage emotions better in oneself and others.
It is based on up to the minute research in psychology and behavioural science.

It will give you the knowledge, skill and  awareness to evaluate verbal and non verbal communications from others, and awareness of your own.

You will learn to read emotions through the five communication channels:
– facial expression (Including micro expressions where the emotions are shown on the face for fractions of a second.)
– Voice tone
– Verbal style (The characteristic pattern of how people speak naturally.)
– Verbal content (Words spoken)
– Body language (How body language reflects emotion)

The course is fast, fun and interactive and extremely practical.
You will learn and practice the skills in a safe environment with a Paul Ekman approved trainer.

There is a graded international certificate on successful completion of the program.

About emotions

 This course is about emotions – feeling, recognising and managing emotions in ourselves and others.

Emotions are part of being human. We think and we feel…and we act.
Emotions are what power our actions, they give us passion, motivation and energy,  they give us the energy and focus to decide and act.
We all want a happy and secure emotional life and in business, research has shown emotional intelligence is crucial for success.

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Emotions are wonderful – and they can get us into trouble. They can overpower us and sweep us away.

When we do not recognise and  manage our own emotions, we can act impulsively and put work and relationships at risk.
When we do not recognise and manage other people’s emotions the same can happen.

In this program you will find the emotional intelligence and awareness to appreciate and manage our own emotions, and manage other peoples’ emotions.

Emotional intelligence

The importance of emotional intelligence But how do you use it to make a difference?
You need emotional competence – how to work with emotions.
This is Paul Ekman’s unique contribution.

Perceiving emotions – the ability to detect and decipher emotions—including the ability to identify one’s own emotions. Without this you cannot go further.

Using emotions – the ability to harness emotions to help thinking and problem solving. Understanding emotions.

Managing emotions – the ability to regulate emotions in both ourselves and in others (even negative ones).
This program will help you in all these areas.

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Course Aims

To enable you to be aware, recognise and manage your own emotions, to recognise emotions in others and use  the best strategies to manage emotional situations with others and build good relationships.

Course objectives

By taking this course you will be able to:

  • Understand how emotions work – where they come from and how they  manifest.
  • Recognise and deal with your own ‘hot triggers’.
  • Be more aware of your own emotions and have better strategies to deal with them.
  • Be aware when you are in the grip of an emotion
  • Develop the capability to monitor yourself emotionally
  • Increase your observation skills in all five channels – what to look for and how to look for it.
  • Increase your listening skills in all five channels – what to listen for and how to listen for it.
  • Be able to recognise micro expressions of emotion in others.
  • Recognise emotions accurately in others to understand them and build good relationships.
  • Recognise emotions in others to aid deeper understanding
  • Use this information to work with others constructively.

This course has been approved through the Solicitors Regulation Authority in the UK for Continuing Professional Development for Lawyers/Solicitors and others in the legal profession

Who will benefit from this course?

This is a course for everyone who values emotional intelligence, values their emotions and wants to bring more awareness to their own emotions and improve their relationships with others.
It is very useful in managing, negotiation, relationships, training, coaching and consulting.


Day one

Introductory exercises
Emotions defined
How emotions work
managing your emotions
Video exercises
Summary and review

Day two

Micro expressions exercises
Facial expressions as an emotional channel
Subtle, partial and masked expressions
Channels of communication
Body language and how it expresses emotion
Video exercises
Emotion in verbal style, Voice tone and words
Summary and review

Day three

Feed forward – Practical Applications
PEER Analysis (Planning, Engagement, Exploration, Resolution)
Video analysis
Summary and review

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