Mindfulness Coaching Premium webinars through the International Coaching Community After making the cover of Time Magazine at the beginning of the year, Mindfulness has become one of the main coaching topics of 2014. It is the basis of listening, the basis of coaching presence. It is paying attention to the process of thinking rather than the.. read more →

Practice building for executive coaches Premium Webinars through the International Coaching Community   Join Joseph O’Connor to build your executive coaching practice! This series of premium webinars is for coaches who want to build their practice as an executive coach. The marketing and the mindset for gaining executive clients is very different to other forms.. read more →

About this course Supervision is an essential part of any profession, it helps professionals grow and develop and be the best they can be. It helps the profession develop and be the best it can be. Supervision is the process where the coach with the help of the supervisor , who is not working directly.. read more →