Practice building for executive coaches

Premium Webinars through the International Coaching Community


Join Joseph O’Connor to build your executive coaching practice!

This series of premium webinars is for coaches who want to build their practice as an executive coach.

The marketing and the mindset for gaining executive clients is very different to other forms of coaching. Every executive coach is different. Generic, unfocused marketing will not work.
You need precise targeted action.

This series of webinars will give you the ‘Four Ms’ of a prosperous, successful executive coaching practice:

The webinars will cover:

1. The Mindset you need.
How do you present yourself, how do you think as an executive coach to be credible in the market?
Who are you, what is your niche and who do you want as clients?

2. The Model you need.
How does executive coaching work?
What do executives look for in a coach?

3. The Method you need.
How do you find executive clients?
How do you deal with Human resources in large companies?
How do you build a wide and deep web of trust for referrals?

4. The Marketing you need.
How do you market executive coaching?
What are the best channels to market yourself and how do you engage them?


Joseph O'ConnorJoseph O’Connor is one of the best known and respected  coaches and trainer of coaching in the world. He has taught in North and South America, Hong Kong and Singapore, (where he was awarded the medal of the National Community Leadership Institute), New Zealand and most European Countries.
Joseph has worked with many companies as a trainer and consultant, including Citibank, BA, HP Invent, and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in Vienna, Petrobras, BT, Interbrew , the Panama Canal Authority and Bax Global.
He is co founder with Andrea Lages of the International Coaching Community.
He is the author of seventeen books translated into thirty languages, selling over half a million books worldwide. He is co author with Andrea Lages of ‘Coaching with NLP’, and ‘How Coaching Works’.



The webinars fee is of USD 195.-

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