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Time - Mindful revolution

Mindful revolution

After making the cover of Time Magazine at the beginning of the year, Mindfulness has become one of the main coaching topics of 2014.

  • It is the basis of listening, the basis of coaching presence.
  • It is paying attention to the process of thinking rather than the thoughts themselves.
  • It is at the basis of the ability to focus and concentrate

Without mindfulness, a coach is simply not so effective.
We  also know that mindfulness  practice has benefits for the practitioner quite apart from making them a better coach!

Join Joseph in this series of webinars to make mindfulness real, understandable, practical, and useful in your coaching and in your life.


1. What is mindfulness?
2 The place of mindfulness in coaching
3. the place of mindfulness in life
4. Practice and applications


September 3, 10, 17
October 8

Webinars will be delivered at 15:00 UK


The course fee is of USD 195.

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