Recursos sobre Paul Ekman

Também é possível consultar uma lista detalhada dos artigos científicos e outros livros e recursos de Paul Ekman em no menu ‘publicações’.

Darwin C.
The Expression of Emotion in Man and Animals (1998)


Ekman, P., (2003)
Emotions Revealed
Orion books


Ekman, P.
Telling Lies(2002)
W.W. Norton


Ekman, P., and the Dalai Lama (2008)
Emotional Awareness
Time Books


Ekman, P.,
Why Kids Lie (1989)


Ekman P., and Davidson R.,
The Nature of Emotions (1994)


Ekman P., and Friesen, D.
Unmasking the Face (2003)
Malor books


Ekman, P., and Rosenberg, E.,
What the Face Reveals (1997)


Ekman, P.
Lie Catching and Micro Expressions The Philosophy of Deception, Ed. Clancy Martin, (2009)


Ekman, P., Davidson, R., Ricard, M., Wallace, A. (2005)
Buddhist And Psychological Perspectives on Emotion and Well-Being,Current
Directions in Psychological Science Volume 14, Number 2.


Ekman, P., O’Sullivan, M., Frank, M. (1999)
A Few Can Catch A Liar
Psychological Science, 10, 263-266.


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