Evaluating Truthfulness and credibility – Course testimonials

I am a serving uk police officer and attended the Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility 4 day course in Portugal, as it is delivered in English world wide. The course was extremely useful and has supported my interviewing skills further with both witnesses and suspects. It has changed my mindset and showed me there is no Pinocchio’s nose and reading baseline is so important. The course is very impactive and I will be seeking further Paul Ekman skills.

Katie MORRISON  Criminal Investigation Department| Northamptonshire Police


I attended 1ª Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility Certification in Portugal.
The training was powerful, very professional and the delivery was excellent.
The trainers, Cliff and Joseph were supportive and highly professional.I am the owner of the Coaching Institute ( EMOTIONS INSIDE INSTITUTE),  and want now to bring this training to my country Angola, to help emergent countries with new ideas, new approaches and supporting the development of African Countries and happiness of their people.The ETAC was also a growing opportunity to understand the world in a different way, to be aware of subtle signs, that are full of meaning, nothing will be the same after this training.

Thanks to my colleagues, Susana, Katie, Miguel, Isabel, Teresa, Salomé and Ana and to my friends and trainers Cliff Lansley and Joseph O’Connor my best wishes and success, and I tell you all: ….  Never “ Lie to Me”..I will catch you …

Pedro Tinoco – owner of Emotions Inside training and consultancy, Angola


I took the course of ITAC for 4 days. Those days were very intense, and very exciting and rewarding. As a psychotherapist with 20 years experience I can say that this course will help me a lot in my work. It is hard for my clients sometimes to be truthful and common for them to lie to themselves. So these techniques and knowledge will be very useful for me to help improve the quality of life for many people.

Paula Isabel Dos Santos – Psychotherapist


It is amazing how four days can bring such a big change to your life, to your way of being and to the way of looking and listen to what surrounds you. It helps you turning “on” a button you didn’t even know you had and then, well… you better try it so you can understand what I mean!

Salomé Camarinha – Forensic Scientist


“Communication is an art that needs to be continuously developed.
In this fabulous course, all communication channels and their connections were taken into consideration.

We learned from an extraordinary pair of highly knowledgeable, competent and professional trainers, Cliff Langsley and Joseph O’Connor, to be fully aware of each channel and its details as well as the consistency – or not – between them, which allows us to estimate how likely are the messages we receive – and deliver – to be true.
It was a fabulous, amazing course, from its design to its deliver, passing through contents, shares, management and balance between practical exercises and theoretical concepts, indispensable for anyone who wants to efficiently communicate with people, which means: all of us.

I strongly recommend it.
Thank you very much, Cliff and Joseph.”

Teresa Cordeiro – Coach and trainer SWAT Consultoria