An introduction to Evaluating Truth and Credibility




In this course we will see how the face provides a lot of information to help us distinguish truth and lies, together with the other channels:

  • Body
  • Voice
  • Verbal style
  • Verbal content

The science of truth and lies comes together into this one-day highly interactive, effective workshop that will feature realistic scenarios for the delegates to test their skills using an adaptation of the original Paul Ekman truth/lie research studies.

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Course Objectives

Following this event you will be able to:

  • separate the myths from the science in truth/lie-detection
  • apply a comprehensive psychological model to evaluate truth and lies
  • outline how the five communication channels can help this process
  • recognise macro and micro expressions that are shown on the face
  • assess your ability to discriminate between truth and lies
  • learn and practice these skills in a safe environment with Paul Ekman approved trainers.
This course has been approved through the Solicitors Regulation Authority in the UK for Continuing Professional Development for Lawyers/Solicitors and others in the legal profession

Course Outline

The session is interactive and you need no previous knowledge in this subject. You will also test yourself at the start and during the training using a micro-expression training tool created by Dr Ekman and by reviewing videos clips and practical truth/lie scenarios.

The course is structured as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Lies and truth defined
  • Science versus myth
  • Psychological models for truth and lies
  • Emotions – the essentials
  • The face and emotions
  • Experimental study – applying your skills ‘live’
  • Summary and review.

We use a wide range of methods with small group workshops and lively presentations to make this fun, interactive, effective and engaging. We will also be carrying out data driven research on truth and lies during this pilot programme.

Enrollment fees

Book  before March 20, 2013 and get a 20% discount. The fee for the training is £396 plus VAT (20%) giving a total fee of  £475,20

After March 20, 2013, the registration fee is of £495 plus VAT (20%) giving a total fee of  £594

Tax will be automatically added before doing the payment with your credit card.

The course is in English

Morning and afternoon refreshments and lunch are provided


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