About this course

Supervision is an essential part of any profession, it helps professionals grow and develop and be the best they can be.
It helps the profession develop and be the best it can be.

Supervision is the process where the coach with the help of the supervisor , who is not working directly with the client, can better understand both the client and themselves, and transform their work.
Coaching supervision is not yet widely known or practised, however, it will grow as coaches and the coaching profession develops and gains more credibility.

We invite you to be part of that development.

This training is will help coaches to take a step forward in their coaching, and add the skills and understanding of supervision. It will give them a unique perspective on their own coaching and open up possibilities for them to supervise other coaches.

This course will give you the fundamental knowledge, understanding and skills for supervising coaches.

Course aims

To give you the core competencies, and models of supervision and an understanding of how to use them.

Course Objectives

After this course you will be able to:

  • Understand coach supervision and how it works
  • Engage in Ethical issues of coaching to  develop your own ethical sensibility.
  • Use Integral models and perspectives in coaching and supervision
  • Understand transference and counter transference and how to deal with it.
  • Listen at different levels
  • Use systemic thinking in your coaching and supervision
  • Use the eight stage focus of attention model in Supervision
  • Understand and apply the CLEAR model of coaching.
  • Distinguish between performance, strategic and developmental coaching and supervision models and know when to use them.
  • Understand and apply Torbert’s developmental model in coaching.

How is this course for?

  • Coaches
  • Mentors
  • Supervisors
  • Interested professionals : Consultants , Managers

Course contents

  • Skills of supervision – developing supervision capabilities
  • Ethical issues and ethical dilemmas
  • Integral Perspectives
  • Transference and counter transference
  • Multi level Systemic Listening
  • Systemic thinking
  • The eight stage focus of attention supervision model
  • Metaphors as a supervision tool
  • Advanced work on perceptual positions
  • CLEAR model of coaching
  • The three models of coaching/supervision: Performance, Strategic and Developmental models (including Torbert and Keegan models)
  • The Kolb Cycle as a supervision tool

Dates and study hours

This course requires a at least 36 study hours, considered as follows:

  • 18 hours from online classes with Joseph O’Connor, delivering two webinars per month of 90 minutes each, during 6 months.
  • 18 hours of additional work for students through the online classroom.

The online classes will be at 15:00 UK time on the following dates:

  • March Monday 4th,25th
  • April Monday 8th,22nd
  • May Monday 6th,20th
  • June Monday 3rd, 17th
  • July Monday 8th, Monday 29th
  • August Holiday
  • September Monday 2nd, 16th

Course tutor

Joseph O'ConnorJoseph O’Connor is an internationally recognised author, trainer, executive coach and consultant. He has given trainings in over thirty countries.
He is a leading author and trainer in coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Systemic thinking.
He is the author of eighteen books and three audiotapes on Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), training, sales, communication skills, management, coaching and systemic thinking.
His books have been translated into twenty nine languages and have sold over half a million copies worldwide.
His book ‘Introducing NLP’ has been the main reference textbook internationally  for NLP for over ten years.
He is co – author with Andrea Lages of two books on coaching
Coaching with NLP (Thorsons 2004 – translated into nine languages)
How Coaching Works (AC Black  2007)

Enrollment fees

The full course fee is £1200.

There is a 20% discount for full payments received before January 31, 2013.

Members of the International Coaching Community will be able to claim a further 20% discount

These fees can be paid in two instalments, the first one to book your place and the second to complete the full payment before starting the course.

Money back guarantee
(Less 10% administration charge) if you feel the course is not for you and drop out before the second webinar.

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