Happy New Year to all our readers!
My apologies for the unpredictable arrival of the Lambent Letter before Christmas, this was due to a lot of travel and time zone hopping. Christmas and new year were a holiday, and a very enjoyable one. And….as it is new year, how about new year’s resolutions? Well, you will.. read more →

The ICC virtual summit – ‘Coaching For Peace’  is running now and I gave the first session a few days ago talking about a coach as an internal peacemaker when the client is fighting themselves. I like the idea of the coach as peacemaker, many clients are at war with themselves in different ways. Sometimes.. read more →

Online Emotional Intelligence Training Courses Lambent makes now available for you the exclusive set of online tools developed by Paul Ekman to show you how to see micro expressions and develop your emotional intelligence. Visit now the online portal and get your tools read more →

I spent many years as a professional musician, my instrument was the classical guitar, and I gave concerts both as a solo performer and also in ensembles. I also taught the guitar for many years to students with an age range of 5 to 65 and an ability range from beginner to concert player. I.. read more →

Joseph O’Connor will be present at the Human Festival in Guadalajara next May 23 and 24 to unleash the power of non-verbal communications. Please visit the Human Festival Website and follow them in Facebook read more →

Inicie o seu cadastro agora! Inicie o seu cadastro agora! Fale conosco read more →

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Joseph O’Connor will be present at the Intternational Coaching Summit, the most important virtual event organized by the International Coaching Community Visit the ICC Coaching Summit page read more →

Contact us for more details and if you are interested in becoming a Licensed Delivery Centre in  South America for Paul Ekman trainings read more →