Benefits of ICC International Certification Training

Who will benefit from this training?

Coaching is used in many professions:

  • As a manager you can use coaching to develop your people and build stronger teams or a more effective sales force.
  • As a psychologist or therapist you can use coaching to supplement your skills with clients.
  • As a teacher you can use coaching to help your students achieve more.
  • If you are working with people to develop and help them in any way, then coaching is important for you.
  • Coaching will help you to offer more services to current clients and move into wider markets.

What are the benefits of this course for you?

  • Official International certification and the chance to be a pioneer and join an ever growing network of coaches
  • Membership of the ICC with access to the ICC Social Campus, forums, chatrom and library.
  • Your CV listed on the ICC site for client referrals.
  • Individual attention with your personal coaching project.
  • A definitive 120 page manual written by Joseph and Andrea, authors of the book ‘Coaching with NLP – how to be a master coach’ and ´How Coaching Works´
  • How to be a ‘Tactical Coach’, make a big difference in one session.
  • A guarantee of high standard training.
  • A commitment to high standards, ethics, and high quality coaching.
  • Internationally experienced trainers.
  • More skill, more knowledge and more self development.

What are the benefits of this course for your business?

  • Coaching is evidence of the company’s commitment to developing its people.
  • Coaching provides a long-term investment in higher performance.
  • Teamwork is improved.
  • Coaching contributes to a supportive organisational culture with high morale.
  • Coaching retains key employees and avoids.
  • The cost of retraining.
  • The loss of company knowledge to competitors.
  • The drop in productivity when personnel leave.
  • Coaching is the most cost effective way of targeting resources at precisely the places and individuals that need them.